xin coverWe act as a catalyst in the interaction between creators and brands looking for their creativity. To this end we, for example, organize events and also publish a life-style magazine that showcases this interaction.

XiN Magazine

In order to better communicate our vision, we launched XiN Magazine, a bi-lingual, quarterly, life-style publication. Xin 新 means new in Chinese. It creates a focal point for members of the international Chinese community and our European colleagues and also affords an opportunity for creative people from many fields to showcase their talent. In other words, XiN Magazine serves as a locus for young entrepreneurs, investors, and creative minds.

Written in Chinese and English, XiN Magazine includes in-depth articles on the latest global trends that are much appreciated by its young, successful readers. Topics covered include finance and fashion, health and holiday resorts, art and antiques, life-style and luxury brands, wines and food, etc. and in its readership we can boast innovators and investors in the same fields.

XiN is available as a print edition and also online.

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